Cyber Awareness Doesn't Have to be Cyboring!

The Human Firewall Builder Cyber Awareness Program

Leverage our Cyber Awareness training to improve exposure to cybersecurity concepts, terminology, and activities associated with implementing cybersecurity best practices.

The program provides ongoing staff cybersecurity awareness development utilizing current cybersecurity news events, informative “best practice” tips and on-demand access to security educational material.


We use cybersecurity "Headliner" current events such as data breaches, cyber-crime, hacking as an opportunity to reiterate and teach cybersecurity safeguards and develop Human Firewalls. 

We provide access to relevant on-demand cybersecurity educational material and reduce personal and corporate risk levels by providing regular reminders of the ongoing cyber threat landscape and risk reducing practices.


Continuously Train to Maintain

Ongoing Training Exercises to Maintain Human Firewalls

We perform ongoing training exercises to test training effectiveness, identify gaps and locate weakest links. We ensure compliance with cyber awareness policies and regulatory requirements while we reduce risk and enhance protection.

Our exercises are the same attack vectors deployed by hackers and social engineers without the worry of the disastrous impact of a cybersecurity incident. The ongoing training and awareness of current events, using lessons-learned from reported events to remain vigilant against the current threat environment and agile to cybersecurity trends.