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The Human Firewall Builder

NOW AVAILABLE on Kindle! The Human Firewall Builder: Weakest Link to Human Firewall in Seven Days

Have you had it with being described as: "The Weakest Link" or "Quick to Click" maybe it was "Insider Threat" or "A Problem Between the Chair and Keyboard" or worst of them all "Stupid Human". There are many other unpleasant terms used to describe those of us who are constantly targeted and exploited by cybercriminals, hackers and social engineers.  

The Human Firewall Builder is entertaining and insightful cybersecurity training and advice that covers over 100 topics and includes over 250 steps to help you secure your assets, protect your family and guard your crown jewels.

For centuries stories have been told to teach valuable life lessons. The Human Firewall Builder cybersecurity training and advice is for everyone and the stories are relatable to all walks of life. There are seven stories for seven days of the week. Each day you will follow different characters (a parent, a business owner, a student, an executive and more) as they navigate their technology filled  lifestyle that contain vulnerabilities, threats and risks. We will build your Human Firewall as we learn from the mistakes and challenges of our seven characters.

The advice in this book is designed for all levels of technical knowledge and know-how. So, if you are wondering if this is the right book for you the answer is a big Hell Yeah!  
Get your copy today on Amazon Kindle and start building your human firewall