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What is Cybersecurity Leadership as a Service?

On-demand access to Cybersecurity expertise when you need it and for as long as you need it!

Frequently Asked Questions


Who engages a Virtual CISO?

  • Firms seeking regulatory guidance and assurance 
  • Boards and committees seeking subject matter experts
  • Investors performing due diligence on new Investments
  • Compliance Officers assessing cybersecurity requirements
  • General Counsel reviewing data privacy regulations
  • Tech leaders, CTO/CIO’s seeking support on initiatives 
  • COO’s that require temporary staff augmentation (vCISO/vCTO)
  • Organizations experiencing or recovering from a cyber incident
  • Anyone (CMO, CCO, COO, CEO) attesting to the firms cybersecurity


When do organizations engage a Virtual CISO?

  • When updating or developing a cybersecurity program
  • During investments potentially impacted by cybersecurity
  • When the CISO/CIO or Cybersecurity service provider departs
  • Following an event such as a near hit, cyber incident or breach.
  • Ongoing proactive program maintenance and testing of defenses
  • Testing incident response, disaster recovery and business continuity
  • During an acquisition of new data, assets, technology and people
  • During or immediately after significant changes in staff or culture
  • Prior to or included with mock or actual regulatory exams


Why engage a Virtual CISO?

  • Find the cybersecurity gaps before the attackers and regulators
  • Proactively identify cybersecurity risks in deals and investments 
  • On-demand access to a cybersecurity expertise is cost-effective
  • Immediately fill departures until permanent critical staff arrives
  • Supplement skills in internal staff and key service providers
  • Add an impartial neutral independent cybersecurity advisor
  • Validate the cyber program for reasonable allocated resources
  • Vendor neutral independent analysis and guidance on initiatives
  • Demonstrate continuous focus on Tech & Cybersecurity programs